Corporate governance

The corporate governance system shows the structure and functioning of the management bodies of Aena for the Company's and shareholders' information.

Regulations for the General Shareholders' Meeting

See the Regulations for the General Shareholders' Meeting.

General Shareholders Meeting

The sovereign body where all the shareholders meet to discuss and decide on matters under their competence and to be informed by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Information on the company's oversight and supervision body that entrusts the day-to-day management of the company to the management team and Aena's executive bodies.

Regulations for the Board of Directors

See the Regulations for the Board of Directors.

Corporate governance reports

The Society's corporate governance annual reports.

Directors' remuneration

Remuneration and remuneration policy for members of the Board of Directors.

Other reports

Other reports of interest of the Board of Directors and its Comittees.

Corporate policies

The criteria and framework that form the pillars for the management of the Company in specific determined aspects.

Board's Committees

The composition and functions of the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee and the Appoinments and Remuneration Committee.

Internal Code of Conduct

Consult the Internal Regulation of Conduct on the Stock Market.