Financial information

In this section you will find the Aena financial reports.

Financial and operational information

Evolution of the Company's main data and indicators, annual reports, presentations and reports of periodic results, air traffic statistics and analytical accounts by airport.


Periodic public information.

Results 2020

Results Presentation 2020.

Audit reports and annual statements

Audit reports, annual statements and management reports for recent years.


Audit reports, annual statements and management reports of Aena SME, S.A. subsidiaries.

Quarterly results

Consult information on quarterly results statements of Aena SME, S.A.

Information for other regulators

Public documentation sent to other regulatory institutions other than Spanish.

Fixed income program

Aena's issuance program.


The assessment granted to Aena by credit rating institutions.

Average period for payment to suppliers

The average period for payment to the Society's suppliers.


Relevant regulations.

Tax transparency

Aena manages the tax issues in a way that is transparent, proactive and responsible for all stakeholders.