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Official postal rates for 2019


Weight Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra Rest of Spain
Up to 300 g 0,63 0.82
Up to 400 g 0.68 0.88
Up to 500 g 0.8 1.04
Up to 750 g 1.17 1.52
Up to 1 kg 1.65 2.15
Up to 1.5 kg 2.32 3.02
Up to 2 kg 3.01 3.91
  AENA COURIER. 2019 Aena rates
Weight Peninsula Weight Balearic Islands Weight Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
From 2 to 5 Kg. 5,59 2 Kg. 7,89 2 Kg. 7,89
From 5 to 10 Kg 6,52
Plus per Kg over 10 Kg 1,07 Plus per Kg over 2 Kg 2,33 Plus per Kg over 2 Kg 3,41



Weight Zone 1 Zone 2
Up to 300 g 3.65 4.55
Up to 400 g €4.22 5.31
Up to 500 g 4.61 5.93
Up to 750 g 5.81 8.62
Up to 1 kg 6.79 €9.46
Up to 1.5 kg €10.04 15.20
Up to 2 kg 11.52 17.12

Zone 1: Europe including Greenland

Zone 2: Other countries

ZONE A €35.90 3.16
ZONE B €33.71 3.34
ZONE C €32.38 5.16
ZONE D €33.85 5.16
ZONE E €33.27 5.16

 * You can consult the characteristics of this type of delivery on the Post Office website

For other kind of deliveries, do not continue with the online purchase and send us an email to informing us about it.We will manage it in the most effective and fast way possible by contacting you and your distribution company.


(1) Flat rate per delivery

(2) Price per kg. or fraction of kg. delivered. Up to 30 kg. depending on the country

ZONE A: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (countries that accept this service)

ZONE B: Rest of Europe not included in Zone A and Azores, Madeira, Monaco, Isle of Man and Morocco (countries that accept this service)

ZONE C: Africa except Morocco (countries that accept this service)

ZONE D: Asia and Oceania (countries that accept this service)

ZONE E: North and South America (countries that accept this service)

In all cases, the values in the "Up to..." sections include the indicated weight; that is, they are less than or equal to it.

Purchases are subject to Spanish law. Aena Aeropuertos Documentation and Publication Centre is not liable for any special taxes, tariffs or other expenses at the order's destination.


Note: The delivery charges reflect the official rates established by Correos (the Spanish postal service) and the logistics operators used by Aena.

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