Aena's Notebooks

The "Aena Notebooks" collection seeks to promote technical studies carried out in Aena and will no doubt provide interesting information for all professionals and students in the sector.

Evaluación estructural de pavimentos aeroportuarios - 2ª Ed.

  • Pedro Pablo Carrasco
  • Aena's Notebooks

Second edition, revised and updated. A complete and systematic study of this traditionally little-known subject.

PRINT: 34,62 €

PDF: 18,18 €

Sistemas eléctricos en aeropuertos

  • Rafael Sanjurjo
  • Aena's Notebooks

Electrical systems play a vital role in guaranteeing aeronautic operations.

PRINT: 41,35 €

PDF: 21,49 €

Las aves en los aeropuertos... - 2ª edición

  • Manuel Zugasti
  • Aena's Notebooks

Explains how falconry is used to help resolve the problems posed by the presence of birds at the airport.

PRINT: 41,35 €

PDF: 21,49 €

Birds at airports: the use of falconry

  • Manuel Zugasti
  • Aena's Notebooks

English edition of the book “Las aves en los aeropuertos: La utilización de la cetrería”.

PRINT: 41,35 €

PDF: 21,49 €

El marketing aeroportuario

  • Martín Bintaned
  • Aena's Notebooks

In this book, the author tackles the need to use marketing in every area of airport management.

PRINT: 37,5 €

PDF: 19,01 €

Legislación aeroportuaria básica. 2ª edición.

  • Almudena Salvadores
  • Aena's Notebooks

Single document compilation of all laws applicable to the airport sector.

PRINT: 47,12 €

Diseño de motores de aviación comercial

  • Alberto García
  • Aena's Notebooks

Covers all the disciplines involved in engine design and that contribute to its optimum performance.

PRINT: 26,92 €

Legislación de navegación aérea

  • Gema Díaz
  • Aena's Notebooks

This publication is structured in two blocks: one relating to the EU regulations on the Single European Sky and air navigation programmes, and another on regulations at a national level.

PRINT: 47,11 €

PDF: 23,97 €

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