Business rooms

Further information

The rooms of the business centre are fully equipped with audiovisual systems which can be adapted for any type of event. These spaces are cooled with independent air conditioners.

Choose the type of room and the configuration which best suits your needs, or ask us and we will suggest the best space for your event.

Hall A. Mainly intended for training courses and presentations. This room, configured as type 1, can hold up to 50 people, and as type 2, up to 26 people.

Hall B. A perfect room for smaller meetings and presentations. It can be configured as type 1 for a maximum of 30 people, and as type 2 for up to 16 people.

Room C or D. Ideal rooms for mid-sized meetings, presentations or courses. They have a maximum capacity of 50 people in configuration type 1, and up to 24 people in configuration type 2.

Room C + D. Designed to hold any type of event: corporate presentations, large meetings, training courses, cocktails, etc. It is formed by combining the two type II rooms by removing the movable panel dividing them. The maximum capacity of the room configured as type 1 is 80 people.