Commercial services

Aena's commercial strategy is supported by different innovative solutions designed to:

  • Offer a better response to the customer's needs and expectations.
  • Introduce new sales channels.
  • Use new media for promotion and advertising.
  • Introduce demand-based pricing for products.
  • Achieve greater efficiency and better commercial planning thanks to using new technologies.

System for Analysing Sales and Income at Aena (SAVIA)

An innovative management system consisting of integrated point of sale terminals, in use in most of the airports, which record key sales parameters in real time in order to develop Business Intelligence (BI).

Integrating booking with car park management

Next-generation systems for managing and monitoring commercial operations, enabling remote monitoring.

The system's main functions include handling online parking reservations through automatic ticket machines, offering customers special services such as pre-payment and licence plate recognition without having to go to the ticket machine, issuing discount coupons at entry gates and ticket machines to encourage repeat purchases, and 2D code scanning at entry gates and ticket machines.