Corporate governance

The Board of Directors functions as the Company's control and oversight body, and is exclusively responsible for matters such as corporate governance, corporate responsibility, dividend policy, management objectives and annual budgets, investment policy and financing, among others.

The corporate good governance policies include the Regulation Compliance Policy, which highlights Aena’s commitment to the values and principles detailed in the Code of Conduct and Aena’s rejection of any conduct regarded as an illicit act, in violation of the principles, values and policies of the company.

It also underlines Aena’s commitment to good corporate governance and contributes to exercising the required control over the administration, management and employee bodies, therefore reducing the risk of bad practice or regulatory non-compliance while carrying out our activity.

Good governance

In terms of Corporate Responsibility, the key aspects of the good governance of the company are:

  • Commitment on behalf of management.
  • Transversality, as a basic element for the full integration of CR at all levels of the organisation.
  • Transparency and effective dialogue with stakeholders, as essential elements to building relations of trust that bring value and provide a stimulus to economic, environmental and social progress.
  • Risk management and regulation compliance.
  • The principles of ethics and corporate responsibility.

Indicators (2020)

Ethics and integrity

Aena’s Code of Conduct specifically cites the principles that guide those people bound by it in their actions:

  • Legality. The overriding and inexcusable respect for and obligation of compliance with the law in force as well as Aena’s internal regulations applicable to the professional functions and responsibilities of those bound by this code.
  • Integrity, honesty and trust. These are Aena’s firm beliefs. Anyone bound by the Code must be honest and trustworthy in their professional work and the negotiations they conduct, ensuring at all times that they are not influenced by motivations, considerations or interest –whether personal or of third parties–, which could potentially lead to a conflict of interests or illegal or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Independence and transparency. All people bound by this Code will act impartially at all times, maintaining independent criteria separate from any external pressure or particular interest. Aena does not interfere or participate in political processes. Nor does it make direct or indirect contributions to political parties, organisations or associations, or their representatives or candidates; or to media professionals.
  • Excellence and quality in meeting our stakeholders’ expectations. Our professionals fulfil their functions with due diligence, providing a secure quality service geared at meeting our stakeholders' expectations as a main way of ensuring excellent results and a sustainable evolution of society in the short-, medium- and long-term.
  • Respect for the Aena's image and reputation. Placing maximum and due care in preserving the image and reputation of the company in all of its professional activities, including public interventions.


Aena guarantees that there will be no discrimination relating to diversity due to the principles stated in the:

  • Policy for selecting candidates for the board that states that, in all cases, in the selection process for candidates, any kind of implicit bias that may involve discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, social origin, gender, age, civil status, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, disability or any other personal, physical or social condition of the people will be avoided.
  • Code of conduct applicable to anyone who works in the organisation.
  • Equality Plan detailed in the collective agreement.
  • Corporate Responsibility Policy

There is also diversity throughout the value chain by including diversity clauses in the tenders, and mechanisms for monitoring the level of compliance with them (and measures for sanctions, if appropriate).

On the other hand, the active policies aimed at groups at risk of exclusion, the contracting of services to special employment centres and the offer of a comprehensive service for people with reduced mobility in airports, supplement Aena’s activity and demonstrate the strength of its commitment.

Compensation of senior positions