Environmental management TFS

Tenerife Sur Airport is aware of the environmental impact its activities can have on such a fragile island environment. Therefore, in line with AENA's environmental policy and strategic goals in the area of environmental protection, the airport employs an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

The EMAS register is linked to companies which operate an environmental management system that, among other characteristics, ensures legal compliance, pollution prevention and continual improvements in environmental behaviour. The main characteristics that distinguish this model are its transparency and the recognition on behalf of the organisation that the active participation of workers is a driving force and a prerequisite for making environmental improvements and also a key resource for improving environmental behaviour - promoting the idea that worker participation programmes should be available at all levels.

Under the framework of the Regulation (EU) 1221/2009 requirements, and those from previous regulations which expand on the System's requirements and its register (EMAS); from 2003 the Tenerife Sur airport has published public versions of its Environmental Declaration, including data verified by an entity accredited for such purposes. We present the latest validated Declaration with which, as with every year, we seek to inform interested parties in a clear, concise and unequivocal manner regarding our environmental impact, in order to for them to understand the improvement initiatives we are implementing, as well as to help us with their opinion.

The Tenerife Sur airport has become a pioneering airport in the AENA system by gaining this approval, the result of the transparent and efficient management of the environmental system, facilitating and enhancing sustainable development through its socially-driven activities. The use of this type of management tool is voluntary, and drives evaluation, information and continual improvement in environmental matters.

As an organisation, we aim to maintain an open dialogue with our workers, passengers, users, customers and the public in general, as well as with other interested parties with regards the environmental impact of our activities and services, in order to get to know the aspects that they are concerned about. For these purposes, we provide all these people with our e-mail address (tfsmedioambiente@aena.es) so that they can send us their comments, ideas and contributions - we'll welcome them all.