Equality and reconciliation

We have an equality plan and a joint committee on equality to ensure maximum respect for our people and non-discrimination

At Aena, we aim to guarantee equality in accessing jobs, professional promotions, professional training, equal pay for men and women and the prevention of sexual harassment. For this reason we have devised an equality plan, defined in our collective agreement, along with a joint committee on equality, founded in 2010 in equal shares by Aena and the majority unions, and responsible for supervising compliance in this area.

ciclo plan de igualdad de aena

Furthermore, since 2015 we have had a protocol for taking action against harassment based on sex and sexual harassment, through which we ensure the implementation of a corporate culture based on respect and non-discrimination.

At Aena we are concerned about the welfare of our employees. In this sense, we propose a set of measures –some of which apply to all workers at Aena and others are intended for shift or normal day workers–, which facilitate a balance between work, family and personal life.