The centre specialises in the following subjects:

  • Airports.
  • Aeronautics
  • Air Navigation.
  • Air Transport.

Other specific subject matter related to Aena's professional activities are:

  • Telecommunications and information technology, construction and the environment.
  • Law and legislation, economics, corporate affairs and employment, documentation.
  • Mathematics, physics and chemistry, human sciences and medicine.

Document types

Types Description
Monographs Books, directories, yearbooks.
Dictionaries Spanish language, other languages and subject specific
Grey literature Documents that are not commercially distributed: reports, minutes from conferences, working papers, doctoral theses...
Annual reports From companies and organisations
Regulations AENA, DAGC, UNF, INTA, ARINC, CAA, FAA... regulations
Electronic directories Databases from the aeronautical, airport and air transport sector (RATI)
Legislation index

Databases for Spanish, Regional and European Community legislation

ICAO documents Including out of print documents in the ICAO catalogue
Magazine articles with a Spanish summary Extracted from magazines received at the centre and other documentation centres
Statistic collections For transport, tourism and economics
Films Video tapes or DVDs about airports and air navigation
Publication catalogues From publishers and organisations
Brochures About airports and air navigation published by Aena
Maps and atlases General atlases, navigation charts, plans of airport layouts...
Newsletters From other documentation centres in the sector

Other information resources

To be able to provide information and distribution services we use our own resources as well as other data sources to which we have access:

  • Access to Internet
  • Access to specialist databases: more than 100 databases that cover the entire spectrum of technical information. Bibliographic references are obtained as well as an indication of how to obtain the original document.
  • Other Aena departments and experts.

Other external documentation centres.

Collaborating with other documentation centres in the airport and air transport sector allows us to be notified about the latest developments received in other centres, to exchange information and to keep up to date in our speciality.