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Grants - Specific Training Seminars and Workshops 2016


Aena and OACI (International Civil Aviation Organisation) are planning a conference/workshop in 2016 on training in Ibero-America, which will be carried out within the Ibero-American Programme for Specialised Technical Training of the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID).

Aena –OACI Conference/workshop on “Airport Infrastructure Planning – Directive Programmes”, from 28 November to 2 December 2016, in the Training Centre of the Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) Spanish Cooperation.

The conference aims to inform participants about the methodology necessary for the design and elaboration of (master) directive programmes for airport infrastructure development, (comparable to other modes of transport), the estimation and prognosis of traffic and activity variables according to economic models and the analysis of the different interrelations with the environment and the explanation of proposals for their improvement, contributing to the implementation of regulatory reforms or procedures that help to establish a stable framework for controlled and sustainable development of airport infrastructure and conveying the intention that airport planning is a necessity and that the first step towards regions having airport infrastructure that meets real demand whilst respecting the environment.

The conference is geared towards professionals in the aeronautical and airport sector, essentially directors, technicians/professionals in the aeronautical and airport sector with responsibilities in design, creation and development of airport master plans, as well as professionals from Bodies with airport infrastructure management capacity or institutions charged with their approval (authorities).


Those who are interested in attending this seminar will need to formalise their pre-registration online, by filling in the electronic form available on the Cartagena AECID Training Centre website, using the following link: http://www.aecidcf.org.co/

Once you have accessed the website, in OPEN APPLICATIONS, select the Activity: Planning of Airport Infrastructure – Directive Programmes (28 November to 2 December 2016); then go to: Register (fill in the form and send). To be taken into consideration for selection you must also attach your CV and institution's endorsement to the email: jlllorente@aena.es (with three "l"s).

The deadline for pre-registering is Tuesday 18 October 2016 and once closed, the definitive selection of conference participants will be carried out, with this activity's organisation assuming the cost of accommodation for those selected (with entry from the night before the start of the training event to the night that the training ends, with departure the following day), expenses, internal transport and assistance at the conference, although not including the air transport to/from Cartagena. On a similar note, the participants themselves shall be responsible for any taxes they are charged for leaving the country and any other airport taxes they may incur.

Other topics of interest

The organisation does not cover medical insurance. The Training Centre shall not be held responsible for potential accidents/illnesses that may occur during the period spent in the country. Therefore, it shall be necessary for every participant/speaker/coordinator to take out medical insurance with international coverage, valid for one week and including the return journey, and to present it on the first day of activity. If participants are unable to take out insurance themselves, they may request it via a Travel Agent (travel insurance).

We recommend consulting the visa requirements for each country in advance, in the event that there is any last minute important information to consider for the journey.

If you have any doubts or questions, please use the following email addresses: alexandra.bernal@aecid.es, jlllorente@aena.es (with three "l"s) and telephone number 34 91 321 26 92, as well as the generic Aena International Cooperation email: coopinternacional@aena.es.