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Grants - Specific Training Seminars and Workshops 2017


Aena and the ICAO planned training conferences/workshops in 2017 in Ibero-America, which were carried out as part of the INTERCOONECTA Programme from the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID).

  • Conference/workshop on “Accessibility and Services for People with Reduced Mobility in Airports”, from 11 to 15 September, at the AECID Training Centre in Montevideo (Uruguay). COMPLETED

    Objective and programme

    The seminar aimed to present and have attendees discuss the models for accessibility and service provision for users with reduced mobility in airports, on the basis of the need to raise awareness and the importance of providing training on services for people with disabilities or reduced mobility during their use of airports. The seminar presented general guidelines and recommendations for the correct provision of services to these types of passengers during the different stages of their trip and created an environment where attendees could exchange experiences and best practices.

  • Conference/workshop on “Corporate Responsibility in Airports”, from 4 to 7 December, at the Spanish Cooperation Training Centre at the AECID in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). COMPLETED

    Objective and programme

    This seminar is aimed at disseminating best management practices for socially responsible companies, in which Corporate Responsibility is integrated within these practices, making profitability compatible with intangible assets such as brand value, reputation, intellectual capital, diversity, work and family life balance, environmental management, etc.

    It aims to show Aena’s experience in Corporate Responsibility as a key element for comprehensively managing airport infrastructures while being respectful of the environment, exchanging the experiences and best practices in sustainable management of airport companies in the Region.

    A preliminary programme for the seminar is attached. In addition to the talks and subjects included in this programme, further expert talks and speakers from other institutions will be added to the seminar’s content.

    Target audience

    This seminar is aimed at professionals from the aeronautical and airport sector, mainly managers, technicians/professionals, Airport Managers and Administrators, Airport Planning Managers, Airport Services/Operations Managers and officials from the Departments of Civil Aviation, Airport Authorities and Agencies, and institutions directly related to airport planning and development, as well as airport concession management and supervisory bodies.


    Those interested in attending this seminar should complete their pre-registration online, by filling in the electronic form available on the AECID Training Centre website, indicated below. The deadline for completing your pre-registration is 10 November 2017. Once this deadline has passed, the definitive participants in the seminar will be selected (Important: no registrations will be accepted after this deadline, and registration can only be completed through the below link).


    Note: at the top right of the page the “Enter to register” box will appear, enabling you to pre-register. If it is your first time logging on to the INTERCOONECTA website, you will need to sign up as a user of the platform first).


    The organisation will pay for accommodations (arrival 3 December and departure on the morning of 8 December), meals, and domestic transport for the participants (transport to and from the airport and between the hotel and Training Centre during the seminar). The airfare must be covered by the participant or by the institution he or she represents.

    Other topics of interest:

    The organisation does not cover medical insurance. The Training Centres shall not be held responsible for potential accidents/illnesses that may occur during the period spent in the country. Therefore, all participants/speakers/coordinators must take out medical insurance with international coverage (Colombia), valid for one week and including the return journey, and present it on the first day of activity. If participants are unable to take out insurance themselves, they may request it via a Travel Agent (travel insurance).

    We recommend consulting the visa requirements for each country in advance, in the event that there is any last minute important information to consider for the journey.

    If you have any questions, please contact us via the general Aena International Cooperation email address: coopinternacional@aena.es or at 34 91 321 30 48.