In-flight Verification Unit

Aena Internacional has a unit to provide equipment verification services and air navigation aids.

In 2007, Aena Internacional created the In-flight Verification Unit (IVU) to offer verification services to the different equipment and navigational aids of the Aena and ENAIRE Air Navigation System. Having consolidated its presence in Spain, the Unit has been working for third countries including Morocco and Oman since 2012.

In 2008, Aena International's In-flight Verification Unit officially began providing in-flight verification services in Spain. This made Aena Internacional the first Spanish civil suppliers of in-flight verification services for air navigational aids.

These verification services are essential for checking from the air that air navigational aids installed on the ground (radio aids) are working correctly and in accordance with ICOA recommendations and that they can safely be used by aircraft conducting instrumental flights supported by them. These checks are conducted before commissioning radio aids and then periodically.

The Aena Internacional unit provides a high-quality and availability service for Aena and ENAIRE. To do this, it has a Beechcraft twin-turboprop aircraft (King Air B-350 model), equipped with a latest generation in-flight verification console.

In-flight verification services

The Unit also has highly specialised personnel comprised of experienced in-flight verification pilots and technicians.

Aena Internacional owns the aircraft and measurement equipment and is responsible for the service as a whole, organising and coordinating everything from planning to execution in close collaboration with our customers, operating with the system's own personnel and subcontracting aircraft operation and maintenance tasks.

The Unit has the capacity to verify Systems such as:

  • ILS (Instrumental Landing System) Categories I, II and III.
  • Radio markers: En route/ILS Marker (MKR).
  • VOR (Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range), conventional and doppler.
  • NDB (Non Directional Beacon).
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment).
  • VHF/AM communications (VHF), broad bands 8.33kHz.
  • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator).
  • VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicator).

The unit is also equipped to verify conventional instrumental procedures (SIDs and STARs based on VOR, DME, NDB) and RNAV (B-RNAV, P-RNAV, RNP, including those based on GNSS/SBAS), as well as to analyse interference on VHF, UHF and L bands.

Aena Internacional, which operates from its base at Salamanca airport, is ready to offer in-flight verification services not just in Spain but also in third countries that do not have that capacity, and has completed missions in Morocco and Oman.

This experience translates into a record of over 4,500 flight hours, 900 radio aids and/or visual systems inspected and over 2,000 new navigation procedures validated.