Innovation in Aena

Introducing new technologies and innovative processes is essential for Aena's present and future development.

Including innovation as a driver of the company is a measure that is part of the strategic planning and growth policies of leading companies and countries. The reason is simple: the value and wealth generated by innovation is constantly growing, and while it requires an economic investment, the most important resources are knowledge, skills, competencies and research.

Get yo know pilot facial recognition project at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport and at Menorca Airport.

Proposals for R&D&i tests

Through this page, Aena aims to offer the possibility of carrying out tests on new technologies and processes at its airports, with the objective of finding innovative solutions and alternatives for the airport industry.

Participating in the tender process does not imply that Aena is under any obligation to finance or accept the proposals submitted. Aena will treat participants fairly and will not discriminate, ensuring their participation follows the principle of transparency.

The purpose of these tests is to verify that the technologies and processes submitted offer innovative solutions and are capable of being implemented in a useful manner in the airport industry.

Contact and proposals

Interested companies and individuals can communicate their interest in taking part by writing to the email, including a brief description of their proposal and their contact information. Aena will duly inform the companies or individuals who have expressed an interest of the information on functional requirements, facilities available for the tests and timeframe.