Interactive noise map VLC

The WebTrak system allows us to observe the flight paths of planes taking off from and landing at Valencia Airport, and the noise levels associated with them.

The information provided by WebTrak includes flight numbers, type of aircraft, altitude and the flight path.


The main queries that users can make are:
  • Display of aircraft movements:
    • Take-offs are represented in green.
    • Landings are represented in red.
  • Dispaly of the noise levels measured by the 10 NMT (Noise Monitoring Terminals) installed in the airport surroundings.
  • Selection of the time period to consult. Historic data over a period of 60 days may be consulted.
  • Selection of the geographical area to display.

With this application, Aena wishes to provide the inhabitants of the areas close to Valencia Airport with reliable and transparent information regarding aeronautical operations and the acoustic levels generated by them.

If you have problems accessing WebTrak and would like to send us any comments or technical issues regarding this tool, please contact us at the following email address: