Management Board

The Board functions as the Company's control and oversight body.

Board of Directors of Aena SME, S.A.

The Board of Directors is the Company’s highest administrative and representative body. It is also a supervisory and control body that carries out its duties with unity of purpose and independently of the management, treats its shareholders equally and puts the Company’s corporate interests before everything else.

As part of the Company's commitment to its shareholders, the Board of Directors carries out its activities in accordance with corporate governance regulations set out, principally, in the Company's Articles of Association, the Regulations for the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Regulations for the Board of Directors and in its various Corporate Policies.

As the body that supervises and controls the Company’s activities, it has the authority to establish management strategies and guidelines, to implement and see to the establishment of the appropriate information procedures for shareholders and markets in general, and to make the appropriate decisions on especially important business and financial transactions, among other things.

Besides the above, it is also the body responsible for approving Corporate Policies, including those for Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Risk Control and Management, Regulatory Compliance and Information Security.

In accordance with its Regulations, it entrusts the management team and corresponding executive bodies with the Company’s day-to-day business management.

In addition, it also set up the Executive Committee, the Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee, the Audit Committee and the Sustainability and Climate Action Comittee.

Aena's Board of Directors is currently made up of 15 directors: 6 independent directors, 6 proprietary directors appointed by the majority shareholder ENAIRE, 1 proprietary director appointed by the TCI Group’s shareholders and 2 executive directors, one being Aena’s current Chair and CEO.

Board of Directors