Document references

Bibliographic references are organised into different collections:

  • ARTICLES: Selection of magazine articles with a summary in Spanish.
  • BOOKS-DOCUMENTS: General documents in all formats. Monographs, regulations, directories, dictionaries, annual reports, grey literature (minutes and working papers, reports, course documentation) and specialist material such as maps, films or CDs.
  • LEGISLATION: Selected from the Spanish Official State Gazette and the European Union for their interest to the aeronautical and airport sector.
  • ICAO: Documents from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation).
  • MAGAZINES: Collections from non-daily periodicals.
  • STATISTICS: Statistical collections regarding air transport and airports.
  • HISTORICAL: Selection if all types of material with historical content. Books and articles regarding the history of aviation and magazine articles prior to 1980.
  • Information: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS From the enquiries from our users and the responses that we give, we generate a knowledge base that comprises information that would be otherwise difficult to find.
  • Thesaurus: THESAURUS Application that allows thesaurus terminology to be managed and published.
  • Place names: GEOGRAPHY It contains the descriptive terms of geographical environments and locations used in the description of the geographic location (country, airport, air traffic control centre) that are used in documents.
  • Useful links: INTERNET PAGES Links to web pages related to our sector.