Provision of services

We seek excellence in the quality and safety of our services


At Aena we strive to offer the best services. We want to live up to the expectations of our users, offering a quality experience in all the services we provide. Our modern infrastructures guarantee high standards of quality, safety and service. And the opinions received from the users, collected through the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) system, attest to this.

For more information about some of the services with which Aena tries to improve its user experience, please consult the following links:


Most of our airports currently have the certificates in accordance with the national regulation RD 862/2009 and European regulation (EU) 139/2014. In addition, all airports to which this regulation applies, must be certified or converted before 31 December 2017.

On its part, the company continuously promotes improvements in its security services. For example, the implementation of specific controls for groups with special needs, a system for improving queue management at the security checkpoints, the development and installation of technological projects, among others. You can consult the most innovative initiatives that Aena carries out within the scope of security via the following link:

Indicators (2019)