Purpose and functions

The company's purpose is the management, operation, maintenance and conservation of Region of Murcia International Airport as an administrative concession in accordance with the terms laid out in the schedule of specific administrative clauses (SSAC), the accompanying technical specifications and the winning bid.

Fulfilment of the purpose described above requires the company to undertake the following activities, among others:

  • The operation and conservation of the airport's infrastructures.
  • The operation, directly or through a third party, of any commercial activities that may be conducted within the airport's installations, including, but not limited to, investments for the effective operation of such activities or their subcontracting.
  • The provision of the air traffic service (ATS), which will be carried out through the civil supplier designated in accordance with the provisions of Law 9/2010, of 14 April, on the provision of air traffic services and the establishment of the obligations of the civil suppliers of said services and the setting of certain labour conditions for civil air traffic controllers.
  • The commercial operation, directly or through third parties, of the Complementary Activities Zone, which in accordance with the provisions set forth in Royal Decree 2591/1998, of 4 December, on General Interest Airport and Service Area Planning, amended by Royal Decree 297/2013, of 26 April, and the provisions of the SSAC may be different to that corresponding to airport installations in the strictest sense of the term.
  • In general, any activities complementary to the above or whose purpose is to foster the success of Region of Murcia International Airport, contribute to its viability or preserve its condition as a general interest airport, recognised by virtue of Order FOM 1252/2003, of 21 May.