Responsible business model

We set trends by managing our company with business practices that contribute to achieving a more responsible tourism.

At Aena, we understand Corporate Responsibility (CR) as a commitment on our part to society and its surroundings, involving sustainability, competitiveness and the reputation of our company.

This commitment is established at a corporate level in the Aena Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, which includes the implementation of its Corporate Responsibility plan. This plan establishes the key objectives to meet the demands of the stakeholders and guarantee the stability of the actions in this regard, which is now consolidated as one of the pillars for creating value in the company.

CR Mission

As an airport leader, we develop our business in a responsible and sustainable manner, promoting CR culture as a pillar of sustainable tourism.

CR Vision

We must contribute to responsible tourism by ensuring that the services we provide bring value to our clients, shareholders and to society in general.