Sound emissions BCN

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport's Environment Department has Noise Measurement Terminals (NMT) located in strategic places around the perimeter of the airport to detect, measure and associate the noise produced by aircraft as they fly over the microphones installed in strategic zones in the surrounding area.

noise measurement

The locations of the Noise Measurement Terminals (NMT) have been selected to appropriately measure the environmental noise levels in the airport's area of influence, following the criteria agreed in the Barcelona Airport Expansion Monitoring Commission (Comisión de Seguimiento de la Ampliación del Aeropuerto Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, CSAAB). There are 13 fixed terminals and 3 mobile ones, through which the daily environmental control of aircraft noise pollution is carried out.

Location of NMTs:
TMR-2. Temporarily out of service until new location
TMR-3: Airport (Cab. 25R)
TMR-4: Airport (Cab. 07L)
TMR-5: Airport (Cab. 25L)
TMR-6: Airport (Cab. 07R)
TMR-8: Gava Mar (Serv. Centre)
TMR-9: Castelldefels (Baliza E.)
TMR-10: Castelldefels (E. Edumar)
TMR-12: Castelldefels (City Hall)
TMR-21: El Prat (Jaime Balmes School)
TMR-40: Viladecans (Ballena Alegre Campsite)
TMR-41: Gava (Bon Soleil school)
TMR-42: Viladecans (Agricultural Park)