Strategy R&D&i

Introducing new technologies and innovative processes is essential for Aena's present and future development.

Aena supports innovation as a lever for the sustainable development of its activity and its commitment to its various stakeholders (customers, suppliers and employees). With this aim in mind it encourages innovation aimed at improving new processes, products and services which contribute to its national and international leadership in the airport sector.

Research & Development management at Aena is planned through its Sustainable Innovation Management Strategy and relies on the involvement and coordination of all of Aena's units. This coordination is achieved through the Innovation (R&D) Management Group, which is crosscutting group throughout the organisation, with representatives from every unit.

The investments of recent years, along with internal know-how, have enabled numerous projects designed to improve productivity across the company, particularly to improve key aspects such as safety and security of people and facilities, environmental protection, energy savings and efficiency, planning, infrastructure development and the optimisation of management processes and operations. Advances in these and other areas have made Aena more competitive today and have positioned it at the forefront of new technologies in the airport sector.

Aena believes it is essential to encourage creativity and to generate new ideas in order to have the right technology and expertise to enable us to provide more innovative and efficient airport services, with the highest standards of safety, quality, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Aena also encourages collaboration as a successful formula for its projects and for sharing know-how. This cooperation is carried out with its partners, organisations in the sector, auxiliary industries, the authorities and other government bodies in the area of innovation.