Water management

Aena carries out a rigorous control of the use of water to ensure efficient supply in its facilities.

Water is the main natural resource consumed in Aena's facilities, mainly linked to the optimization of human consumption, irrigation of green areas, cleaning, firefighting services and execution of works. For this reason, the company carries out a rigorous control of its use to ensure the efficient supply of water both to employees and passengers as well as to the rest of the users who pass through the facilities on a daily basis.

In this regard, Aena has drawn up its Strategic Plan for Water Management in all the Company's centers with the aim of establishing a specific framework of action, focused on reducing consumption and linked to initiatives such as:

  • Detection and elimination of leaks in pipes and installations.
  • Responsible use of water in green areas.
  • Installation of water saving elements in facilities.
  • Use of reclaimed water.

Our strategic objectives:

  • Develop water management that addresses the loss of fresh water availability and quality associated with climate variability, reducing water consumption by 10% per passenger in 2030 compared to 2019 (5% reduction in 2026).
  • Carry out an integrated management of water supply sources and risks derived from climate change, increasing the use of alternative water sources per passenger by 150% in 2030 compared to 2019 (50% increase in 2026).

The objectives and measures included in Aena's water strategy can be consulted in the attached pdf.

Likewise, Aena has calculated its water footprint for 23 Aena centers in Spain, which represent 80% of the total average water consumption in the last three years.

With all this, Aena wants to achieve the objective that water management is adapted to the demands of use, consumption and purification posed by the interested parties of the airports, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with which Aena is committed.

Key figures (thousand of m3)
Indicador 2018 2019 2020
Desalination water/ Sea water 219.9 185.1 188.6
Well water/Groundwater 1,825.6 1,771.8 1,361.5
Drinking water from mains 3,496.4 3,463.6 2,181.9
Consumption of reclaimed water purchased from third parties and from reclaimed mains/ Supply of municipal water or water from other water companies 90.6 42 91.9
Total water consumption 5,632.5 5,462.55 3,824
Reused water/ Directly collected and stored rainwater / Treated wastewater 344.7 325.1 282.1
Water consumption in water-stressed regions 3,879.6 3,712 2,522.3
% Water consumption in water-stressed regions over total water consumption 72% 68% 66%